The Right Questions

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Ever had trouble helping students come up with effective questions for their projects? Do you find that they get stuck generating ideas? Check out this wonderful book:

Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions


by Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana (Mention sales code MJAP11 for a 20% discount)

Outlining exactly what teachers and students can do to get to the best questions for defining their inquiry-based project-based learning efforts, the authors encourage critical thinking and problem-solving at all levels. Teachers thoughtfully create a theme, based on what they want students to learn and be able to do, then carefully orchestrate the question process–empowering students and transforming how classrooms work by turning responsibility for the questions over to the students.

The many years of research and practice that inform this book began with helping people with health issues be better advocates for themselves by formulating the right questions, and teaching ESL parents what to ask to support their children’s education.

Also see The Right Question Institute’s web page, which provides information and educator resources. Take a look at an article by the authors:  Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions, in the Harvard Education Letter.

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