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Glass façade modern architecture with landscaped street front and vibrant public realm

meeting the needs of our clients

Our creative, tech-enabled architecture team works closely with clients to provide unique, innovative, and sustainable solutions to their specific business and programming needs.

With over 30 years in business, we have extensive experience designing buildings, campuses, and commercial facilities in complex urban and suburban settings for Life Sciences, academic, and mixed uses. We are adept at balancing our own commitment to design excellence with our client’s goals, budgets, and schedules, enabling us to deliver high-performance buildings that meet the needs of developers, institutions, corporations, and end-users. 


site analysis

Our process begins by taking a close look at the site, as well as local zoning laws and building codes, enabling our clients to understand the site’s potential and determine its best and highest use. Preliminary massing studies and area calculations are conducted to better understand and communicate a site’s possibilities, including buildings size, location and use. 

feasibility studies

For an adaptive reuse or repositioning project, we analyze the existing property and systems and deliver strong, creative design solutions to maximize reuse and understand development value. Our experience with renovations, detailing, waterproofing, and mitigation practices enable us to transform even the most challenging structures into dynamic, modern buildings. We partner with owners, cost estimators, and construction managers to arrive at realistic budget estimates.  

public entitlements

SGA excels at assisting our clients in navigating the public approvals process and has a proven track record in several municipalities throughout the Northeast and beyond. Strongly believing in early engagement with city officials and community groups, SGA actively supports this process to build consensus with key stakeholders. Engaging with these organizations at the appropriate time in the process, we leverage these relationships to solicit feedback to assist our clients to understand the best path to public approval.

design vision, documentation + delivery

SGA is a full-service architectural firm: we pride ourselves on our ability to design and document for construction. The true SGA advantage is partnering with a practice capable of winning multiple national design awards while delivering best-in-class projects by collaborating with leading consultants and utilizing, creating, and implementing technology.

marketing assistance

In collaboration with our Branded Environments team, SGA creates a unique vision to distinguish your property in the market. We have teams that are dedicated to helping with the naming, branding, and marketing of the property, including the creation of renderings and other materials that will enable prospective tenants to clearly envision themselves occupying the spaces.

interior architecture

Our dynamic interior design teams collaborate with clients to understand and emulate each client’s unique mission, goals, and corporate culture. Whether it’s on-call design or a full interior fit-out, SGA is well-positioned to meet your needs and ensure the best new workplace for you.