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Interior Design

creating tailored design solutions

Our award-winning interior design department takes a forward-thinking approach that enables us to offer intelligent, innovative and thoughtful responses to our clients’ needs.

We specialize in workplace, life sciences, academic and multi-family design with an emphasis on sustainability. We pride ourselves on carefully considering each client’s unique business, brand, culture and project goals, before proposing creative solutions.


workplace design

The interior design team at SGA begins any tenant improvement project with a deep exploration of the client’s unique culture, mission, and goals—it is through this collaborative process that we begin to discover who our clients are. Once we have this understanding, we translate it to the design concept and, from there, to the built environment; our perpetual interest in our client’s needs ensures that we can help them to create the best new workplace for their organization, one that is carefully tailored and curated to both the space and the company. As a full-service practice, our team can assist with every phase from site evaluation through construction.

workplace strategy | programming + envisioning

Our process begins with Discovery, during which we spend a significant amount of time listening and learning about how you work and how your workplace should respond. Through a series of tools + processes tailored to the client, we are able to uncover and align goals that lay the foundation for a successful project outcome. Our process includes a variety of touchpoints including employee surveys, programming interviews, envisioning sessions and brand research.


Today’s workforce is made up of four different generations—Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z—all of which have different approaches to work, formality, communication, collaboration, and more. Our team includes certified experts in generational insights who will assist our clients in creating workplaces that attract, motivate, and inspire people across all generations. 

change management

Throughout our history, SGA has worked with many corporate clients going through organizational change. We understand the inherent challenges and draw upon our expertise to help support you and your team during this important transition. In our experience, implementing a change management protocol that works in tandem with the design process helps ensure the most positive outcomes. These services may include generations in the workplace training + workshops, space and furniture beta testing, whiteboard / intranet forums, on-site observation and employee surveys. Workplace projects have a greater chance of success when open communication is encouraged at a project’s inception and continues well past move-in day. 

furniture consultation services

Selecting furniture that is both functional and appropriate to the setting is a critical part of the design process.  SGA works with our clients to develop a general direction with regard to size, layout, budget, and design intent for all furniture, including workstations, private offices, conference rooms and lounge/ancillary furniture. We can also assist with furniture bidding and vendor selection, and will work collaboratively with your selected consultants to ensure the furniture solutions meet your needs and enhance the environment.


For owners seeking to update an existing building, our interior design and architecture teams collaborate to provide comprehensive plans for both in-depth building renovations inclusive of significant core and shell modifications as well as building upgrades that typically include updated entrances, common spaces, and amenities that create truly desirable properties. 

Sustainable Design

We aim for sustainability in all our projects, taking a responsible approach to material selection ensuring that our clients are in compliance with local codes and regulations. Should a client desire certification, our team includes LEED and WELL-accredited designers as well as FitWel ambassadors. At SGA, we are leading the advancement of passive house, zero carbon, net-zero energy, all-electric, and biophilic strategies to create workplaces that are comfortable, healthy and reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment.  


Our in-house Branded Environments team provides strategic thinking, conceptualization and development of typography, color, imagery, technology, finishes, furnishings, graphics and content that tell stories and drive home our clients’ unique messages. Our team works hand in hand with our interiors team and our clients to craft a space that holistically communicates your key messages through signage, wayfinding, print design, and brand identity. 

amenity design

We are experts in amenity design, with a clear sense of what tenants seek when choosing a building, including food and beverage service, fitness spaces, conference centers, on-site health and wellness facilities, gallery spaces, and more.

on-call design

SGA supports leasing efforts by providing on-call services such as test fits, marketing plans, construction documents and construction administration services to owners and tenants.

Technological Edge

SGA’s interior design team supports the design and decision-making processes by communicating design intent through virtual simulations created using Revit and Enscape software. These tools enable us to communicate design intent and provide certainty of outcome.