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SGA was tapped by

Cambridge Consultants

to conceptualize and design their new office space on the 12th floor of Two drydock spanNing 22,000 square feet.

Rather than staying at their current location, Cambridge Consultants collaborated with SGA to design a new, innovative hybrid workspace. SGA was responsible for all aspects of the design and build process for this project, working diligently to bring the client’s brand and values to life in a compelling way.

In collaboration with Ember Creative, SGA successfully integrated the graphics of the company’s new logo into the overall design — creating a path that guides clients through the space, offering an immersive experience of the company’s core values. The interior walls’ angles reflect the client’s logo, showcasing a subtle yet deliberate design element. This harmonious integration has enabled SGA to create a sense of openness within the building and an airy aesthetic that is further accentuated by windows at the end of each corridor.

This design experience included a light reveal in the elevator lobby that leads to the reception area, where a wall with a digital display is surrounded by hand-selected artifacts that reflect Cambridge Consultants’ long-standing history and rich company culture.

The lighting plan incorporated the logo’s same angular concept and used a series of pendants to create a non-directional pattern over the open office. During the build, SGA addressed lead time issues and reduced costs by reusing materials — such as accent pendants and interior doors — from the existing space and previous projects.

SGA accommodated the client’s hybrid working model by designing all the furniture to be dynamic yet functional, with adjustable heights and power capabilities. Through their collaboration with Cambridge Consultants, SGA created a vibrant and immersive workspace that reflects the client’s brand and values and provides an innovative work environment for employees to thrive.


Cambridge Consultants


Boston, MA


22,000 SF