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The latest addition to gillette stadium in foxboro, ma is

The Kraft Group Building

designed by sga for the new england patriots, international forest products and their parent owners, the kraft group.

With just six months to complete the build and have it operational by the start of the 2022 NFL season, this ultra-speed-to-market project required vigilant planning and foresight from the very beginning. For example, steel and MEP equipment was ordered early on to account for supply chain issues due to the pandemic when purchasing building materials.

The four-story, 120,000-square-foot facility was designed to work with the stadium’s original architecture and interior building flow. Maintaining the integrity and capacity of the structure was critical to the overall vision and design of SGA’s process, especially when accounting for any potential changes that may arise.

This mixed-use building will serve as the future home for the Kraft Group and incremental space for the New England Patriots and International Forest Products. If the organization wishes to have additional floors added in the future, the design scheme is flexible enough to accommodate several additional floors. 

The SGA Dashboard was implemented to help drive the design and coordination process to ensure phase one is completed on time. This proprietary tool allowed the team to make decisions in real-time when faced with constantly shifting construction challenges such as supply chain constraints, shifting timelines, and project changes. It also helped SGA and the project team evolve the overall design correspondence of the project and track all decision-making in one place.  As a result, the team was able to be proactive and collaboratively address issues, preventing them from taking place on the jobsite.

While this process is typically unconventional for architects and engineers, SGA’s control of the process and the understanding of what the market demands, has given it the prowess needed to understand and navigate today’s modern construction realities.


The Kraft Group


Foxboro, MA


120,000 SF