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is embarking on a new era to construct state-of-the-art residence halls that promote the unique culture of the University at 630 Huntington avenue.

The first of the new on-campus initiatives is 630 Huntington Avenue. This project represents the University’s first urban high-rise building, which will feature an array of amenities and suites clustered in neighborhoods to foster a more intimate residential setting. With a focus on student retention and enrollment growth, the new building will set new standards in sustainability and will employ net-zero strategies.

The project includes the construction of an approximately 100,000 sf, 13-story residential dormitory building made up of ground floor student amenity and faculty programming and approximately 208 beds.

The ground-floor student amenity spaces will be oriented towards the portal plaza and towards Huntington Avenue to encourage a vibrant pedestrian environment at the base of the building, and to complement the Avenue of the Arts Guidelines.

Being that the health and well-being of the students are an utmost priority, Biophilic principles are inherent in this design proposal. Biophilic design begins with the natural curvilinear form of the massing. Biomorphic forms like this are consistent with patterns found within nature; this makes the form feel familiar, interesting, and comfortable to the onlooker.


Wentworth Institute of Technology


Boston, MA


100,000 Square Feet