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The new

Citizens Bank

In Westwood, ma enforces a community-centric culture and branding in an incredible four-story, 100,000 square foot facility.

The new four-story building supports approximately 550 colleagues and promotes the well-being of its occupants through natural materials, dynamic open collaboration spaces, and direct access to the exterior, both physically and visually.

Citizens and SGA executed several transformational workplace programs that combined multiple locations in Massachusetts into one building. It brought teams together that previously were separated, cut down on travel between the previously discrete locations, and truly fostered a team and collaborative culture.

More importantly, the project brought in-house specific program elements that were previously outsourced, such as conference centers, training room space, an MPR for all-hands meetings, a photography and videography studio, and a market research room. The project also added elements that were missing altogether: a podcast studio, cafe/coffee bar, branded presence, tech bar, and collaboration/gathering space, among others.


Citizens Bank


Westwood, MA


100,000 SF