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Bringing new life to the North End of Portsmouth, the development at

Russell Street

presents coastal New Hampshire with an intimate connection between the city’s history and its future.

With respect to the existing architectural context, SGA, Tighe & Bond, and Two International Group have collaborated closely with the city’s Historic District Commission, Planning Board, and other municipal representatives to master plan a development that is cohesive with the surrounding built and social environment. SGA employed a tripartite division, resulting in three buildings totaling 308,000 square feet; each of which is further broken down by segmented façade variations to create an architectural presence reminiscent of the row house. Giving the impression of generational development mirroring that of the surrounding community which has evolved over centuries. 

On the outer edges of the two bookend buildings, steel elements and curved glass facades present a more modern feel. Situated on the border of Portsmouth’s Historic District–with new development to the north–the design brings a playful blend of contemporary and traditional elements to the table that leverage Russell Street’s transitional position between Portsmouth past, present, and future.

Throughout the design process, the project team has collaborated with landscape specialists at Halvorson | Tighe & Bond Studio to promote the active use of all outdoor space. Russell Street provides an improved pedestrian experience along both Russell and Deer Streets, while creating inspired vignettes between each of the three new buildings. This focus on the public realm works to further enhance the community feel for residents, retailers, office tenants, neighbors, and the City of Portsmouth at large.


The first building provides roughly 47,000 gross square feet of office space across four floors. Complete with an activated rooftop on the fourth floor, this highly-amenitized workplace provides prospective tenants with a flexible spring pad from which to launch their next big idea.


Situated between buildings one and three, this second structure on the Russell Street development is primarily residential and provides 202,000 gross square feet. Above ground floor retail, 56 two- and three-bedroom condominiums stretch up to amenity rooftops on the second and sixth floors.

Here, a two-story parking garage will be accentuated by historic images displayed on artistic metal paneling that tell stories of the neighborhood’s legacy to assist in achieving the development’s goal of 360° site activation. From which, residents and their guests will find an easily accessible and centrally located urban post from which to enjoy the city of Portsmouth.

Working its way from the outside in, brick transitions through its darkest shade to more natural, warm colors in the center to create an ombre effect. The steel detailing and limestone base carried throughout each façade provides a recognizable link between the three structures, while the variations established through tone and texture create a unique visual for each entry point and user group.


The third building divides 59,000 gross square feet across five stories into first floor retail space, and 28 two- and three-bedroom condominiums on the second through fifth. Affectionately dubbed ‘the Portsmouth Flatiron,’ this building renders a perfect half eclipse and is reminiscent of New York City’s triangular landmark. Sculpted to accentuate the existing streetscape, building three is designed with an exquisite display of steel and brick to blend the traditional with a more modern feel.

Architects and Interior Designers have been collaborating closely on the design for these three buildings. Ensuring that the lobbies and amenities are artfully integrated into their fabric, encouraging the long term active use of these buildings. Paying careful attention to both the form and function, SGA’s interior design team has helped inform much of the layout to maximize the footprints of residential units, ensure flexibility in the workspaces, and to attract a diverse retail tenant mix.


Two International Group


Portsmouth, NH


308,000 SF