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Master planning efforts for the

Boynton Yards

development maximize the transformative qualities of the budding neighborhood.

SGA has identified 1.3 million square feet of potential for the built environment and has reclaimed 2.5 acres of outdoor space for active civic use.

Boynton Yards is anchored by a 290,000 square foot Class A life sciences facility, 101 South, and three other buildings that blend commercial and residential space. The decision to incorporate multi-family residential into the mix helps to establish Boynton Yards as an ‘18-hour Neighborhood’ providing urban vibrancy similar to–but more stable than–that of a major downtown.

Each of the buildings proposed by the master plan rises to a different height. Creating striking variations between form and function that more seamlessly weaves the Boynton Yards development into Somerville’s existing contexts. In addition to these massing considerations, each building is further individualized by unique facades and architectural expression. Additionally, all four of the buildings will achieve LEED Gold or LEED Platinum certification. 

The master plan focuses on improvements to the public realm, placemaking, and establishing lasting connections with surrounding populations. Designers have established a walkable street network that prioritizes the pedestrian experience while seamlessly accommodating vehicular flow. These thoroughfares lead to a centralized public square with potential for hosting food trucks, festivals, and other events. The development’s proximity to public transit and its incorporation of bicycle facilities promotes diversity of transportation, ensuring access to Boynton Yards is inclusive and equitable.

Designers have laid out an extensive network of dog parks, water features, casual seating, performance space, urban agriculture, and educational experiences to engage residents and employees while drawing neighbors and other visitors into the development.

On either end of Boynton Yards, open ‘gateways’ to the property front South Street and Windsor Street to create distinction from surrounding properties and to provide a curated sense of arrival. 


DLJ Real estate Capital Partners, LLC


Somerville, MA


1,300,000 SF